Hidden Thorns


Thank you for your interest in Hidden Thorns.  Indeed, investing in this book will be an experience you would not want to miss.   I'm sure, like so many others, you'll find that once you start reading this, my story, you'll find it difficult to stop.   It's that simple!  

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What The Majority Of My Readers Are Saying...

I was profoundly moved by the author’s courage and honesty.  Her story will support and help to heal others.  I regard it as an honour that she   entrusted me with her heart in these pages.
Professor Newell  W Johnson, CMG, FMedSci

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This book ‘Hidden Thorns’ is an encouraging and remarkable story of how a courageous mother coped with the murder of her   daughter. The story describes in detail all the sad travails that life has unfairly dealt the Author. Especially sharing how she handled the tragic senseless murder of her beautiful daughter. No one ever fully recovers from the agony of the death of a child. But this mother wanted to be someone who was happy and not hiding from the world, bitter and angry. Forgiveness was the way to peace—and she knew she would need that, but how could she forgive her daughter’s murderer?
Over time, she came to realize that there actually was a small miracle  happening; her daughter was taken from a place of violence, where she was all alone, to a peaceful place in eternity. What this individual did was horribly wrong, but did she want to be defined by her worst nightmare?  How is   that any kind of compensation to a mother for the loss of her daughter?  And did she want that to be the way she lived for the rest of her life?
What the Author has shown us is that the most important thing anyone can   do in life is what God has given us to do here, now or whenever.  She   has demonstrated clearly that she has been more courageous than anyone I know   in letting God write her story.  So, my congratulations go to her for being a faithful obedient servant, as painful as it was.   This book of diversity in the face of tragedy makes for compelling reading.
D.C. Harris-Hughes, B.Ad. Voc.Ed – RN 

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have to start off by saying this book, 'Hidden Thorns' is amazing. It is an auto-biography about some really dark and heavy things that have happened in Marie-Rose’s life. It focuses mainly around the murder of her daughter, and how she was able to move through the pain, remorse, fear and anger and was able to actually forgive her murderer. Marie-Rose then went on and was diagnosed with a cancer that they couldn’t find. It was by chance that they did find it and saved her life, she is here today as a modern miracle.
The goal of her book was to encourage people to live a life WITH Jesus, not just pretending, not just surface, not just ‘Sunday Christians’ but   actually knowing deeply and intimately the love of Jesus and what that should do with our life and how we should live it. 

As happened I have now met Marie-Rose, and you would think you would see a lady who struggles each day, but she doesn’t. She had a permanent smile on her face and is so full of JOY and PASSION you know she is filled with the peace of God!
Brisbane, Q.L.D.

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Marie-Rose, thank you for sharing your story. What a brave and  heartbreaking task to undertake in laying bare your experience of emotional   chaos and devastation suffered through losing you daughter and the oft-times painful and trying experiences as a mother raising a child. I, too, read through to the end once I had started, feeling the anguish and sorrow of such a cruel event but, also, the courage, strength and faith that arose within and guided you. I guess that is what kept me intent on reading - learning how you could continue on, how could one possibly through such horror, when feeling so low in the grips of despair that it must have felt that your own life, had escaped you. But your journey to reaching a place of release and surrender to God's love and strength and support has warmed my own spirit, helping me remember that there is a simpleness to surrendering and letting go in opening my own heart, reigniting hope, faith and re connection with God even when overwhelmed by the perceived chaos in my human experience.
While I can never begin to imagine the true and full extent of your emotional tragedy, I sincerely thank you for being so open and honest, baring   and sharing your heart and soul through such adversity and finding the strength to endure. Through telling your story, I am sure all who read it will find hope and inspiration.

Thank you...and may you always find peace and comfort in the warmth of God's love. 

Leeanne *
Stanthorpe, Q.L.D.

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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